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Thursday, December 1, 2016

' Agog '

''agog show and some of my paintings''
dastan's project
suggested by Aidin Xankeshipour
october 2016

Grigori Rasputin's portrait

''portrait of grigori rasputin''
10 x 14 cm
pencil on paper

Dead Sparrow

''dead sparrow'' - (cropped)
12x15 cm
watercolor on paper

I believe that human's life can go forward with the various concepts and motivations until he faces the concept of death. after that, the thick secretion of death will make all the sweat things of life taste to be embittered. after a period of time, my life and moments were waiting in a silent mood; waiting for a death that could be felt after every beginning and presence. it seems to me that my paintings will unavoidably be influenced by this presence (death) and I represent something that is carefully and meticulously created by universe over years until the death easily and suddenly destroys it, knowing that ''death'' will be an inevitable truth for my works and ME